Kishinev 1933

From A Family Album:

The adult world was inexplicable. Things happened because they did, and Dalia tended to look the other way and keep playing. But when her mother cried, she cried also. …

As the world groaned under the weight and horror of the pandemic, forcing so many of us to shelter at home, the writer in me rejoiced in the silence and the imposed isolation.

I finally completed the two massive, expansive novels I had been working on for the last few…

Bucharest, 1972

From A Family Album:

My parents and friends having a good time. Undated photo, maybe 1946–47

Nicola called Virgil form Sibiu. “The passport office gave me permission to visit my mother in West Germany,” he said. “Can you believe it?”

Virgil couldn’t believe it. “Your flight leave from Bucharest. Come and spend the night prior at our place.”


Romania, Yugoslavia, 1965

From A Family Album:

My parents and my mother’s cousin, on a later road trip

As a surprise gift for their son Andy who was turning fifteen, his parents, Dalia and Virgil had planned a car trip to Yugoslavia. So, on Andy’s birthday, Virgil took Andy to the precinct and got him a passport. They’d leave on…

Bucharest, 1965

From A Family Album:

Virgil learned how to drive in the delivery truck of an acquaintance who owed him one. He was a doctor, but in those days, even for him it was a big deal to own a car and to get a driver’s license. …

Bucharest, 1955

From A Family Album:


In fifth grade, many of Roland’s old classmates went to a different school and all he wanted was to make new friends. Boci was tall, loud, and vying for attention. A natural leader, Roland thought. …

Bistrița, 1955

From A Family Album:

The night train huffed and puffed as they crossed the mountains. Virgil was alone in the corridor. He had not visited his parents in years. He remembered his parents’ apartment in Bistrița: the quaint kitchen, the big room where they ate their meals…

Bistrița 1954

From A Family Album:

Their train was leaving Bucharest at 9 in the evening and arriving eight hours later in the hamlet of Sărățel, where Galina and little Andy had to catch a commuter train to Bistrița. …

Eforie 1954

From A Family Album:

“The nudists,” Virgil said.

Dr. Zaharia nodded.

“It’s actually a spa,” Virgil said, not clear for whose benefit. “The mud from the sound is believed to have medicinal benefits, and people cover their bodies in it and lay naked on the beach. …

Eforie 1954

From A Family Album:

Nine years after World War Two and seven years after regime change, life in the Popular Republic of Romania was slowly taking a new and clear direction. But there were lingering doubts. People who had disappeared during the war remained unaccounted for and…

Alex Duvan

Under the pen name Tudor Alexander I have written and published five novels and one collection of short stories. Please visit

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