Mr. Farkas, I am happy you wrote to me. It is important to know that people care.

I fully appreciate that we are a country of laws. As a legal immigrant, I have wrestled with the fact that those who came here illegally broke the law. But here is what I also see. We didn’t apply the immigration laws forcefully for the last thirty years (since Reagan’s amnesty), and we tolerated illegal immigration. Why? Because our businesses, and the population at large, benefitted from it. If today’s environment changed, and we suddenly decided this is no longer acceptable, don’t we have to take responsibility for our confusing and even encouraging past attitude, which is enabling the present tragedy (for it is a tragedy for the people who would now be forcefully removed from what has been their country and family for decades)? I think we do. I think that we should start applying the law moving forward and find a path to legalization for those who are already here. This would be consistent with American values and generosity. You know, you can never be too generous! Along the same lines, please tell me why we currently see the law being applied mostly against the little guy, but rarely against the businesses that benefited from his toil? The businesses broke the law too, didn’t they?

The parallel with Nazi Germany is troublesome indeed. I do not believe we are like Nazi Germany, but the reason people talk about it is because a similarity can be drawn. And that — in itself — is very sad. All of a sudden all these immigrants drain our economy, vandalize our cities, damage our value system, rape and kill at random. They do not contribute anything. All of a sudden, all of our ills could be solved if we got rid of the illegals. Really? Do you really think that the unemployed workers in the Rust Belt would suddenly find good jobs if we only deported 11 million people? That the crime rate in our inner cities would decline substantially? That our budgetary deficit would be eliminated, or even reduced? That medical care would become affordable and available to more people? That our education system would improve? Do you think North Korea would start behaving better? Of course not. This is cheap rhetoric, and I don’t think it should be defended.

Under the pen name Tudor Alexander I have written and published five novels and one collection of short stories. Please visit

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