Nine Good Reasons to Write on

The one-year anniversary of my blogging on Medium is coming up, and it’s time to review and reflect on the experience. Why do I publish my work on Medium?

Below is a list of reasons cascading unambiguously off each other.

· I post on Medium because I like to write. This is simple: I have this burning need to express my thoughts and feelings in writing. Whether the subject matter is a straightforward or complicated story, a political opinion or a memory, a sport or a notable event, a human being, a weakness, a thrill, the rain, the sky, or the river, I want to create a combination of words and sentences that are relevant, unique, and beautiful, for others to relate to and love. I sculpt with words. I paint and compose music with them. I run with them. They are my clay, my marble, my notes and my paint, my colors, and my tennis shoes. And when I write something that is not a novel, I can post it on Medium.

· I need an audience, even a small one, like the followers I have on Medium. The audience, or the illusion of one, makes me feel like I am in the limelight. I don’t want to be there because I am important, but because I have to believe that my art form is.

· There are no rules, and no required topics on Medium. Really, I can write about anything, and nobody tells me when and how to do it. The mere fact that I know I can post what I write is a motivator. My common sense is my censor, along with the advice that, to the degree possible, one should not post too many stories or essays or articles that take longer than eight minutes to read.

· I like the fact that we (we, because my wife is instrumental in this) need to think about coming up with catchy and attractive titles, and photos that work. I don’t know if we succeed or not, but my slowly growing list of followers makes me feel like I understand marketing, like I have a social media presence in addition to being a writer.

· On Medium, I can follow other writers and ‘converse’ with them, although I have not taken advantage of it yet. I justify it by telling myself that corresponding with others is time consuming, and often irrelevant to the challenges I face in my craft, but it is good to know that if I wanted to be more engaged, I could reach out to a strong community of creative people.

· I learn from reading other blogs. Some inspire me, some I love. There are some I don’t like, and I learn from those, too.

· Writing on a schedule (I post every Monday morning at 8:00 AM) helps me be disciplined, and I appreciate this.

· I’m not sure that I have a merit in the fact that the numbers of followers increases week by week. A lot of those who choose to follow me are new to Medium and do not have a following of their own. Sometimes it seems they are selecting me at random, but as long as the number grows, I can continue to hope that from among them, I will have a broader readership once my next novel is published, and this is a lofty goal.

· On Medium, there are groups, and publications. I do not belong to any of them although I follow a few. Several times I considered joining and I like to have this option, and to keep it at the back of my mind.

That’s it. Perhaps my words ramble and my nine reasons overlap, as they follow my thoughts on a Sunday afternoon. Guests are coming over for dinner, and I better go and get the wine.

What matters is that I enjoy what I do.

I would like to know what you think.

Under the pen name Tudor Alexander I have written and published five novels and one collection of short stories. Please visit