A father drives his son to school and, as he rushes to drop him off and go to work, he inadvertently runs over and kills another child. He stands trial and is sentenced to prison. His son grows up to be a productive member of society. The parents who lost a child cannot forgive or forget, but they have no additional remedy. The son of the man who was driving the car cannot be held responsible for the sins of his father.

I think of the DACA children. They were very little and had no say when they were brought to the United States. They grew up and went to school here. They speak English perfectly and have jobs, friends and families here. Many are married to Americans and have American born children. They pay taxes. They serve in the military. They don’t know another country. They are as American as apple pie, yet they can be severely and cruelly punished for the mistakes of their parents, facing deportation to a country that doesn’t mean anything to them, a country where they don’t know anybody and don’t speak the language. What will they do when they get there? We don’t know and apparently we don’t care. Why? Because the law says so, even though it doesn’t make any sense. There is no logical, moral or economical reason to want to deport these productive young men and women, only a legal one on account of a badly written law that needs to change. Yet Congress won’t do anything about it.

In comes Obama and issues an executive order. In comes Trump and voids it.

Why would anybody oppose giving Dreamers the right to stay? In my personal opinion the only explanation is racism — the color of these people’s skin.

Yet I hear that the Republicans fear setting a precedent. I hear that if today the DACA children were protected from deportation, or, God forbid, were given a path to citizenship, then people from Asia, Africa and especially South America would rush to our southern border with their children, cross illegally and let their children grow up here and become a new generation of DACA. And if they let the Dreamers stay, what would they do with the parents, the ones who actually broke the law? Deport them and people would scream that we are tearing families apart. Let them stay, and people would say we are giving them amnesty and setting another precedent, all over again. So Congress continues to take the easy way out and do nothing at all.

I am sure that immigration laws can be changed to be humane and address these concerns.

When I was five years old and lived in Romania, my paternal grandmother brought her mother to Romania from Odessa in the Soviet Union. At the time her mother was eighty years old and living alone. They had been separated during WWII, and their reunion, approved within several weeks by two communist regimes, was possible on humanitarian grounds.

The Dreamers are going through a humanitarian crisis as well.

And I wonder: how is it possible to strike Obama’s DACA policy and then use it as a bargaining chip for building a wall on the border? Correct a wrong you have made in order to gain something for it? What does it say about the person who promotes such an idea and the country in which this can be done? Where does this rank on the immorality scale?

Tell me. I need to know.

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Under the pen name Tudor Alexander I have written and published five novels and one collection of short stories. Please visit www.tudoralexander.com.

Under the pen name Tudor Alexander I have written and published five novels and one collection of short stories. Please visit www.tudoralexander.com.