I wrote this short story 47 years ago, when I was a very young man in Romania. The place I describe is an actual fishing village on the Black Sea, called 2 Mai, where we used to spend our summers dreaming of becoming famous poets, writers and musicians, reading Hemingway and listening to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. At that time, myself, and all the young people around me were fully aware of where the evil was. In 1989, a few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the communist regime in Romania collapsed. My short story saw the print as part of a collection in 2001. Troubled by the senseless Las Vegas shooting, I translated my story into English. Today we have no idea where evil is hiding. In that way, it is scarier and more senseless than ever before.

Under the pen name Tudor Alexander I have written and published five novels and one collection of short stories. Please visit www.tudoralexander.com.